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How do I judge my level?

Dear bikers!

Yes - it's such a thing with the level! Since we are all very individual and have different strengths and weaknesses, it is not always possible to say exactly what level a rider has. We have tried to find a division for our courses and hope you can orientate yourself more easily.

If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you!

* Beginner

No, or little previous knowledge on trails or in the Bike Park. I can ride a bike;

** Intermediate

Some previous knowledge - little bike park or trail experience e.g. residents (berms), braking, basic position; I ride MTB on forest roads and cart paths as well as on easy trails;

*** Advanced 

I've ridden on trails and in the bike park. Berms, correct braking with both brakes, choice of line, obstacles, jumping technique, basic knowledge;

**** Experience

I've ridden different routes in the bike park. All curve techniques, jumps, drops, tables, rollers, laying and pushing techniques, etc. are familiar to me;

***** Expert

I ride all tracks incl. the Downhill World Cup track, tricks and big jumps (e.g. hot shots) are familiar to me. Goal: Downhill passages, line selection, race technique, big jumps, drops, gaps, shark fins and tricks;