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Opening times Bike School Leogang

Bike School Elements Leogang: 

Company vacation until the 10th of December 2023

Daily from the 09th of May until the 31st of October 2024 from 08:30 am - 17:00 pm 

We ask for your understanding that we have to announce a rest day in the low season (October) at short notice, depending on the booking situation and the weather. If you can't reach us, just email us, and we'll take care of your request as soon as possible!

Ski School Tirol Elements Outdoor Sport  

December 2023 until April 2024

Winter office times: 

Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 13:00 hrs

Our office is closed in winter on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays; Thanks  for your understanding!


The Bike Park & the Bike School Leogang is open on the opening days of Asitz cable car!

News and opening times Bike Park Leogang: 

About us - the Elements Team

First Downhill and Mountainbike School in Leogang!

The story.... 

It was a long and arduous journey to the opening of the first downhill school in Leogang. The acceptance of this sport, which was still very young and unknown at the time, only increased very slowly. It took a lot of persuasion and many development steps, especially with regard to the right methodological structure and the design of the curriculum, and this path as a woman was not exactly easier. After years of work and many rejections, the time had finally come in 2011. We have received the approval and official recognition for the first "Bike Park Instructor Training" from the Austrian Cycling Association. So, the course was set, and we could finally present our curriculum to the public. I was able to take some knowledge from my many years of work in the ski and snowboard school in Zell am See and from my extensive experience as an outdoor trainer, but also from my racing experience and from the many years as a trainer at the Salzburg Professional Ski Instructors Association (SBSSV) I could benefit. Most of the time, however, we simply had to try it out on ourselves, and that's exactly what we do every day. We never lost the fun of it and the love for sport and nature. That's exactly what we want to share with you every day. A big "thank you" for the great commitment to our project to the entire Epic Bikepark Leogang crew and especially to my team from the Bike School Elements!


All courses and tours are conducted exclusively by instructors with the HIGHEST TRAINING LEVEL (diploma, state-certified instructors and state-certified ski/snowboard instructors & guides)


All bike park courses, camps and workshops are conducted exclusively by certified bike park instructors and trainers. The safety and well-being of our participants is our top priority. Through ongoing training and further education, we ensure that we offer our guests the best, most up-to-date care. All program items are tailored to the individuality of the individual, the current circumstances and the weather.


Sabine Enzinger Founder and managing director of the Bike School Elements Leogang, the Ski School Tyrol and Elements Outdoor Sports. State-certified rafting guide, skipper's license B, state-certified snowboard instructor, state-certified snowboard guide - Bundessportakademie Innsbruck, ski instructor, ski school director, high ropes course trainer, outdoor trainer, mountain hiking guide, certified MTB guide - Bike Pro Austria, bike park and freeride trainer, bike park Trainer, instructor at the Salzburg Professional Ski Instructors Association, training developer of the bike park teacher training, training manager bike park teachers - D2 trainer, hotel clerk;

Adrian Southey Management assistant, state-certified mountain bike instructor (ÖRV C-Trainer), MTB guide, bike park instructor trainer, state-certified rafting guide (boatman's license B), high ropes course trainer, state-certified ski instructor, snowboard instructor, certified bike park & ​​freeride guide;

Max Wegener Bike Park Trainer

Nicolas Wegs Bike Park Trainer

Rome Spitaler Bike Park Trainer, Snowboard instructor

Jonas Schmidt Bike Park Trainer 

Valentin Wimmer Bike Park Trainer

Jana-Marie Donath Bike Park Trainer, Ski instructor

Alexander Schröger Bike Park Trainer

Devid Botter Bike Park Trainer, Ski & Snowboard instructor

Paul Kolb Bike Park Trainer

Alexander Grießner Bike Park Trainer 

Janno Heckl Bike Park Trainer, ski instructor

Robin Fraissl MTB Instructor Kids 

Jan Helge Bike Park Instructor and Park Shaper 

Tim Priesner Bike Park Trainer 

Sara Weissenböck Bike Park Trainer 

Moritz Morokutti Bike Park Trainer 

Noah Möbius Bike Park Trainer, L1 Bike Guide;


How to find us


How do I judge my level?

Dear bikers!

Yes - it's such a thing with the level! Since we are all very individual and have different strengths and weaknesses, it is not always possible to say exactly what level a rider has. We have tried to find a division for our courses and hope you can orientate yourself more easily.

If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you!

* Beginner

No, or little previous knowledge on trails or in the Bike Park. I can ride a bike;

** Intermediate

Some previous knowledge - little bike park or trail experience e.g. residents (berms), braking, basic position; I ride MTB on forest roads and cart paths as well as on easy trails;

*** Advanced 

I've ridden on trails and in the bike park. Berms, correct braking with both brakes, choice of line, obstacles, jumping technique, basic knowledge;

**** Experience

I've ridden different routes in the bike park. All curve techniques, jumps, drops, tables, rollers, laying and pushing techniques, etc. are familiar to me;

***** Expert

I ride all tracks incl. the Downhill World Cup track, tricks and big jumps (e.g. hot shots) are familiar to me. Goal: Downhill passages, line selection, race technique, big jumps, drops, gabs, shark fins and tricks;



What information do we need from you for a course booking?

Appointment, name, age, ability, bike experience, training desires;

What is the difference between downhill and freeride?

Downhill is the name given to the descent on a partly paved, partly unspoiled course in the Bike Park. This is about dealing with this distance as fast as possible. The downhill track in Leogang is the World Cup and only recommended for advanced bikers. Most of the bike park routes are FREERIDE tracks, but are falsely referred to as downhill. Of course, it's also downhill on freeride tracks!

How can I book?

All camps must be booked online using the registration form. All ½ day or daily classes can be booked by mail or by phone.

Do the course price include lift ticket and bike / equipment rental?

No! This is just the course fee including all taxes and duties. The price for bike and equipment depends on: Desired bike, duration of the rental, Inches 16 "/ 20" / 24 "/ 26"/27.5 "/29" and height;

The lift ticket price depends on the age, type of ticket (one-way ticket, 4-hour ticket, day ticket or multi-day ticket)


How many participants are in a group?

Depending on the booked activity. In the Bike Park the groups are kept small - on average about 6 - 7 participants.

In MTB driving technique training, in the case of a homogeneous group, 8 participants can also be in a group outside the park.

Which Bike Park routes are used?

The choice of routes depends on the level of the participants. Beginner Courses are mainly conducted in lower park area. Here a ticket for assembly line and tow lift is required. Advanced courses are held depending on the topic on different routes – a ticket for the cable car is necessary.

Where is the lift ticket available?

All lift tickets are available at the ticket office/bottom station Bike Park Leogang.

What information does the bike rental company need?

Name, date, desired bike, height and weight as well as information about the duration of the rental. ID required! https://www.sportmitterer.at/de/bikeverleih-scott-testcenter.html

Where is the bike rental?

In the same building - on the 1st floor. Directly at the bottom station Bike Park Leogang, Hütten 39, 5771 Leogang. BIKERESERVATION SPORT MITTERER

How to get to the 1st floor (workshop and bike rental)?

You can take the stairs in the Sport Shop Mitterer, the elevator, the escalator or the outside elevator. The bike rental and the workshop can also be reached by road (start in front of the entrance door - Bike School).

Where is the bike returned after the rental?

On the first floor - right next to the rental is the bike return.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The courses are also carried out in the rain. Weather-appropriate clothing is required! We also have an indoor area for the trainings. The Bike Park routes are fine to ride in the rain. Sometimes even better than in dry conditions. 

How long in advance do you have to book?

Even we cannot always answer this question because the booking situation is constantly changing. Especially on weekends, public holidays and during the holiday season, it is advisable to book ahead.

Is it possible to book private lessons?

You can also book a private teacher for some hours or for the day. By appointment only!

What is happening in the different courses?

All courses are based on previous knowledge. In all courses, the position, interaction of the joints with the fork and damper elements as well as the different curve techniques are trained. Jump Technique and Drops - depending on the level of participants. Our trainers will respond to your wishes as long as they can be fulfilled and make sense. Generally, the beginner courses (& slightly advanced courses) are in the morning at 10:00 and the advanced courses in the afternoon at 13:00. There is also an early bird from 09:00 - 10:00.

Is the accommodation included in the course or in the camp?

No! There are over 400 different accommodations in the area. Please contact the Tourist Office of the region:


Is the rookie camp for beginners only?

No, the participants are divided according to age and level.

Are there courses if you cannot cycle?

No! Minimum requirement is knowledge of how to ride a bike.

What is a bike park?

A bike park is similar to a fun park or a fun slope in winter, so a built track with different obstacles (riparian curve, wall rides, jumps and drops).

Can anyone ride the beginner routes?

No! Some previous knowledge is required!

Do I have to wear safety equipment?

Full face helmet and protectors mandatory on all bike park courses.

Bad weather?

Some people get wet - others feel the rain! It's a lot of fun to ride in the rain - you will see!


Hall of fame

Videos and pictures during our courses, camps and tours. We take pictures and make videos. These are for video analyses and for our clients.

The best pictures and films will be published on the Bike Park Leogang Facebook Page or on one of the Elements Outdoorsports sites.

So that there can be no misunderstanding, we would be grateful if you will please let us know if you are not happy for photos of you and/or your family and friends, to be published on our sites. Thanks a lot!







ÖSV Downhill Ski team in Leogang

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Bike Training ÖSV Ski Teams Park Leogang

Just in time for the summer solstice, we were able to welcome the ÖSV ski team. Overall WC winners Marcel Hirscher, Marc Digruber, Wolfgang Hörl and Co. dared to venture out onto the world championship course together with coaches Michael Pircher, Paul Schwarzacher and qualified physiotherapist Markus Kirchengast.